Renovated and renewed – a new commercial/light industrial space @ 3321 1st Ave South

Over a decade ago, The Davis Auto Group partnered with local businesses to start Lethbridge Motors and RV (LMRV). To house this new dealership, the Davis family bought the building at 3321 1st Ave South, and filled the lot next to it with trailers, motorhomes and campers.

When LMRV closed its doors in December 2019, we needed to find a new tenant.

Though the location offered great visibility, the building did not meet our standards because it was beginning to show its age and needed more than just upkeep. 

To make sure the next tenant was happy with the commercial space, we decided to totally renovate the building, increasing its curb appeal to better leverage the property’s high-visibility location.

The history of 3321 1st Ave. S.

The original building was constructed in 1953 as a light industrial space along Highway 3. Initially, it was constructed as a shell to optimize its 7,608 sq/ft footprint and give tenants more flexibility with their layout. 

As a result, it saw many, differing tenants for much of its lifespan. 

In 2011, the Davis Auto Group and partners purchased the building, along with the empty lot next to it. The building required upgrades to meet the group’s needs, so in 2012 an addition of 3,360 sq. ft was added.

After renovations LMRV began selling recreational units.

After eight years in business, the partners decided to call it quits and left the building in the hands of Shift REI.

With that fleet of RVs out of the parking lot, and the building bare, we could clearly see the structure needed a change.

Though the bones were still good, the building’s exterior was dated and starting to show its age. As a result, it blended into the background, hindering the property’s greatest strength – its visibility. So, before we rented the building out, we knew we had to change this.

Our vision for redevelopment

In 2020, we developed a new vision for the building that would launch 3321 1st Ave. S. into the current millennium and make the most of its location. It was a balance of maintaining the building’s versatility with an updated design to make it more attractive to both tenants and their prospective customers.

After a year of planning, the renovations began in October of 2020.

A complete renovation

First, we removed the roof from the front half of the building and salvaged it to reduce construction costs. Then, everything but the 2012 addition was torn down and rebuilt. We modernized any remaining infrastructure along with the layout and added an extra overhead bay before reattaching the salvaged roof.

Finally, we added a modern fascia to the exterior with more windows on the upper floor. Not only did this create a much more inviting second floor space by allowing more natural light inside and added curb appeal for future tenants.

After the renovation was complete, we decided to repave the entire parking lot for a fresh, finished look.

Though this renovation decreased the interior space by 2016 square feet, it increased the usefulness of the building and modernized both the interior and exterior. 

Current property for lease

Currently, Shift REI is looking for a long-term tenant to work with as we set up the interior to suit their unique needs. We’ve paused interior renovations for now (including pouring the floor) to allow for custom (diversified) improvements to be made in conjunction with a new tenant.

The new building is the perfect future home for businesses across a variety of industries, including automotive, warehouse or hardware supplies.

Property Highlights

  • Year built: 2021
  • Zoning: Business Industrial (I-B)
  • Space: 6,772 sq. ft
  • Pricing: $15 psf
  • Additional Rent: $6 psf (2021 estimate)
  • Possession available: Today
  • Parking: 8 private parking stalls & street-side parking
  • Signage: Prominent building signage (stand alone sign available)
  • Traffic: 25,100+ vehicles per day on Highway 3

Future plans for development

3321 1st Ave. S. building is currently flanked by Subaru Lethbridge to the west and an undeveloped lot to the east, which Shift REI also owns. We are currently drawing up plans for a future development of the neighbouring property, which will include either retail or general industrial units.

By adding commercial density in the area, we hope to increase traffic on first avenue, drawing more potential customers to the area.

Available now

For more information on the newly renovated building, or inquiries to rent, contact Chet Oberkirsch at 587-425-5775, or email at