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What we’re looking for in an investor

As we continue to grow and welcome new investors into the fold, we are committed to maintaining the best practices and family atmosphere the Davis family is known for. This ensures all stakeholders can rest assured their investment retains its quality. To do that, we work closely with every new investor and every new investment property joining with us to make sure all investors are on the same page. Our investors work on a basis of:

Reasons to invest with Shift Legacy

Investors choose to work with us because we help them get more from their current real estate, including:

Owning a single piece of commercial real estate ties your money to the success of one investment. By working with Shift REI, you join a portfolio diversified across buildings, industries and Western Canada, giving you more consistent returns.

Diversify Your Investment
Succession planning

Real estate investment offers a binary investment experience – own or sell. This causes problems with estate planning and succession, especially with multiple beneficiaries. By trading your building for shares, you can divest or invest at your own pace, split your investment among multiple beneficiaries or even sell shares to cover any tax burden. With increased flexibility, you get more control over your succession and estate planning.

Simplify Your Succession
Tax Planning

Selling commercial real estate comes with a hefty tax bill, putting a major dent in your investment potential. At Shift REI, the equity we offer is based on the fair value and debt load of your property, not the tax cost. By deferring the tax, you can invest more – and make more.

Get More From Your Money
Cash flow

Owning the building your business operates out of ties up valuable equity that can be used more profitably elsewhere. By trading in your building for shares, you can free up equity, while still operating out of the same building. This gives you the power to invest strategically, without interrupting your business.

Free Your Equity
Getting you the most out of your investment

If your real estate investment is hindering your success, we can help you map a route to success through a flexible, diversified investment. We want to help you tap into the true wealth of your property.

Invest Smarter

Monetary overview

Shift REI is focused on creating consistent value for our members through growth and a return on invested equity. Since 2016, we have posted profits for our members, helping them meet – and exceed – their investment goals.

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